Hi there!

Well…this is the last week for us! Finals are next week and then that’s it…this project has not only been a fantastic learning experience but it has also been a lot of fun! I learned how to roughly code in Python. I’m still not at the level I want to be at, so I’m making that my summer project!

For this week we finished up the end-of-year report so it got submitted 5/1. Now that that is done, we are finishing up and tying loose ends. I look forward to seeing how the group next year does and what project they decide to do, whether its a continuation of ours or a brand new one!

Have a nice summer!




Hello Hello!

This week we started to work on our end-of-year report for the project. Also, we started to send out the website survey to participants. Hopefully we can run the data into our code to see if it works before the semester ends!

For next week, we are going to continue to work on the end-of-year report so that way we can get it done in time. We are also going to send the survey out to more people through a few organizations at YSU to gather up more participants.

See ya then!



We’re back from Georgia!

NCUR was a wonderful experience! I got to attend poster sessions that were very interesting like a psychology poster on how societal views on college students affect their college experience. It was very interesting and was by far my favorite one.

I also attended the grad school fair that was offered on Friday. Unfortunately most of the schools were science or engineering related but I did ask almost every school about their math programs and got a ton of info!

Our presentation was very good! Maddie and Olivia presented since only two could and they did fantastic. There were several questions that they answered well as well as Elizabeth answering the questions on the website.

For next week we will be continuing to work on the website since it would be nice to see if our coding works and we can finish this project!

See ya later!




Our computer science member is working hard on finishing up the website since there are still some bugs. We had hoped to send it out so that we could gather data and use it for our presentation but that just wasn’t in our cards. That’s ok! We have been working on the coding so that way we can present using our synthetic data to show how it would work.

Speaking of code, we have completed our prediction matrix using the pearson correlation so now we will be attempting the k-nearest neighbor. Also, we compiled our complete data set so that way we can show a comparison of the population versus our random sample.

This Saturday is our presentation so on Thursday we are travelling down to Georgia! I’m super excited and I can’t wait to see some of the talks!

Talk to ya next week!



The website is ready!! We played around with it and took it ourselves to make sure there weren’t any errors. Short of very minor issues, it’s ready to be sent out. Our mentor Dr. Yu is going to look over the website on Friday just to be sure but it’s ready to go!

Our code of the random matrix has the Pearson Correlation all figured out so it just needs a prediction matrix and also the k-nearest neighbor algorithm. We’re hoping the data from the survey can be taken off in a similar set-up so it’s just a matter of plugging it in, and the code will calculate it for us to save time.

Since our conference is next Saturday we are hoping the data can be collected before we catch our flight and our code works so we can use it in the presentation.

Wish us luck!



Hi everyone!

The website survey is in the works! We discussed who we were hoping to take our survey and how we were going to get it out there. We all agreed that it wasn’t targeted to a specific age group or anything so everyone could take the survey. We have a few groups on campus we are hoping to disperse it too as well as posting it on our social medias to get our families and friends outside of YSU.

At the moment we are working with the computer generated data (remember the random matrix we were working on before?). Hopefully we can get this code up and running that way when we get the data from the survey, it won’t take us long to analyze it!

See ya later!