Hi everyone!

So this week we continued to work on performing EDA on the data in our file. While we were able to view every deal, we are still working on categorizing it so it’s easier to count and put into better matrices.

We are also working on our presentation for the conference in Georgia in April. While that will be a continuing project, we also are trying to work on a paper about the research too.

See ya next week!




Hi all!

So the math side of our team started to work on analyzing the data we received from the deal sites. There are over 3500 data entries so it’ll take some getting used to and we’ll be working on how to efficiently comb through it all.

The hardest part for me at the moment is figuring out the python code that works best, but with the help of my teammates, I should be able to figure it out soon!

See ya next week!



Hi everyone!

School has started again! Over break we were tasked with trying to open and read a file with our deals. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out my code in order to open it…however I’m still working on it!

For next week, I will still be trying to open the file as well as start to work on a framework on the paper.

As a group, we are beginning to work out how we will be asking our survey takers to rate the deals. We haven’t decided if we will just allow them to pick yes or no, or to actually rate them on a scale from 1-5. Also, we are deciding on if we will allow the survey takers to pick which deals they want to vote on, or if we want to randomly generate the deals to push to them.

That’s all for now!




This week we worked on finalizing our abstract and picking a conference to attend.

We decided on attending the National Conference on Undergraduate Research at Kennesaw State University in April. We had hoped to be able to split the project in two since there are four members and this would give us a chance to all speak. However since there will be a large number of projects at the conference, we had to go with only two speakers. All four of us will attend and be on hand for any questions but only two will give the full presentation.

This does create an interesting challenge as we all will be involved in the creation of the presentation but not all of us are speaking. We’re hoping we can essentially all be ready to present in case we have to step in for anyone, or an audience member approaches us to ask questions after the talk. We’re also hoping to work on a publication during next semester so we will be very busy!

This is the last meeting before break so I’ll offer an idea of what will be happening next semester:

  • Send surveys out to gather our data based on the deals offered by Groupon
  • Analyze the data and develop a system that will recommend one of the deals to the people who took the surveys
  • Work on presentation
  • Work on publication

So, on that note, I hope everyone has a nice holiday break! Talk to you all in January!