The website is ready!! We played around with it and took it ourselves to make sure there weren’t any errors. Short of very minor issues, it’s ready to be sent out. Our mentor Dr. Yu is going to look over the website on Friday just to be sure but it’s ready to go!

Our code of the random matrix has the Pearson Correlation all figured out so it just needs a prediction matrix and also the k-nearest neighbor algorithm. We’re hoping the data from the survey can be taken off in a similar set-up so it’s just a matter of plugging it in, and the code will calculate it for us to save time.

Since our conference is next Saturday we are hoping the data can be collected before we catch our flight and our code works so we can use it in the presentation.

Wish us luck!





The web app is pretty¬† much done! There’s a minor small error that we’ll be working on and then it’ll be out!

Our presentation at NCUR is coming up as well. It’s on April 13th!

See ya later!



Hi everyone!

The website survey is in the works! We discussed who we were hoping to take our survey and how we were going to get it out there. We all agreed that it wasn’t targeted to a specific age group or anything so everyone could take the survey. We have a few groups on campus we are hoping to disperse it too as well as posting it on our social medias to get our families and friends outside of YSU.

At the moment we are working with the computer generated data (remember the random matrix we were working on before?). Hopefully we can get this code up and running that way when we get the data from the survey, it won’t take us long to analyze it!

See ya later!



This is our spring break week so we didn’t meet.

At the moment, the math team is still working on the EDA. Our computer science member is working on the website. Hopefully the EDA and the website will be done so that we can send it out the week after and start collecting data!

See ya next week!




This week we worked on developing the matrix with 1000 deals and we also found a flaw in our previous EDA. The code didn’t take into account deals that had a missing “time-lasted”.

Next week is spring break so there won’t be a blog post and we’ll be putting in hours by polishing our code for the matrix and “time-lasted” problem. Our mentors provided us with some stuff to read so that it might help us out!

Have a nice spring break!



Hi there!

On Saturday, our team presented at the PME conference and it went fantastic! Maddie and Olivia did so well presenting and the questions from the audience were tough but they handled it well! Even our mentor was impressed since a few questions weren’t ones we even thought of and were extremely advanced for where our project is currently at.

Next week, the math peeps are going to try to to generate a random matrix of 1000 deals and 50 users to stimulate what our data will be like. These 50 users will be given 30 deals. Since we are still working on building the website, by doing this step, we’re hoping that once we get the real data, we can plug it into this code so it’s quicker.

See ya next week!



Hi again!

So this weekend is the PME conference so it’s been all hands on deck getting ready for it. Maddie and Olivia will be speaking since they are the only two presenting in Georgia. All of us have been inputting ideas and suggestions into the presentation so that way they can be perfect!

Since we haven’t collected real data yet (we’re still in the process of building our survey website) the talk will cover a background in the subject as well as the different ways we’ll be analyzing the data. Finally the girls will cover what our information could do for the industry.

The next time we talk, I’ll be talking about how PME went!

See ya!